Starting tomorrow…

The madness of Christmas and New Year is over now. The temporary redirection of my resource at work in the run-up to the year-end will now be coming to a close, and I’ll be able to plough all of my efforts into my brand new role from tomorrow. That makes me giddy with excitement.

We’ve been caught between a rock and a hard place recently – heavily in need of training to help the team work smarter and more efficiently, but also teetering too close to missing our SLAs for comfort. So for most of December I’ve had my analyst hat on to help us get into a more comfortable place, because unless we’re at a comfortable place with our SLAs, the team can’t afford to be released for training so it’s in my best interests to help out. My brief stint actually proved to be quite educational as it highlighted a few additional things for me to focus on; this in turn highlighted the importance of actually knowing how to do the job you’re trying to improve.

Once 2015 kicks in with full force I expect it’s going to be an extremely busy year. I have an A4 Oxford Project Book that’s packed full of notes and ideas, and I’ve already invested in some books to help me fine-tune some of the ideas I’ve got buzzing around. A lot of what I’m going to be doing is new to me, but I’ve been assured that my ideas are on the right lines and will help make significant improvements to the way the team works and the product we produce. I’m quite determined to make the most of this role but it’s completely new territory for me and the team, so I imagine it’s going to take a bit of settling in to. My first major task is to redesign our quality control processes and I’m really excited about getting stuck into that as it’s quite a meaty bit of work that could make a big impact on our product.

Alongside my new job, I’ve got a few things in the pipeline education-wise too. They’re things I’ve had planned for a while but now I’m full of motivation I’m finally making some real progress on them. In two weeks I sit the Practitioner exam for my Prince2 qualification. Assuming that goes well I’m moving straight on to study for the SixSigma Green Belt qualification and hope to sit the exam for that within a couple of months. Also, any day now I should be getting the login details for a free course offered via Vision2Learn which is an NCFE Level 2 (BTEC) in ‘Lean Organisation Management Techniques’. I appreciate that a Level 2 course probably doesn’t hold much weight qualification-wise but to be truthful, I signed up for this one because a) it will supplement the Six Sigma course and hopefully introduce me to some other tools I can use to improve the team, and b) it’s free, so why the heck not!

I’m concentrating my efforts on these courses to begin with. Once they’re finished I’m turning my attention to getting a few more MOOCs under my belt to give me a better foundation of knowledge around business and management. I’ve also submitted applications for another undergraduate degree as well as a master’s degree, but that’s a bit more complicated so I’ll leave that for another day..

Plans for 2015 are looking fairly decent. I’ve got a lot of things in mind which have no reason not to happen given the low/no cost associated with them; it’s purely a matter of me keeping motivated and planning well enough to keep them flowing one after another. I’m also planning on beating the 2014 bulge which appeared as a result of my continually shifting job role so I’m getting back out running again too. With any luck the increase in physical energy will translate to an increase in mental energy too.

Come one then 2015, let’s have it.


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